Welcome to the IINA Plugin API documentation!

If you are new to IINA's plugin system, please read the Getting Started page first. Click the links in the sidebar (or the drop-down menu) to see more tutorials and guides.

Quick links to the documentation of each API module:

Control the player

  • iina.core: open files, get and set various status, display OSD messages, etc.
  • iina.event: listen to IINA and mpv events.
  • iina.mpv: call mpv API, get and set mpv properties, run mpv commands, add hooks.

Extend functionalities

Display custom user interfaces

Access the system and the network

Control player instances

Logging and preferences


To use this package in a Typescript project, simply install it from npm:

yarn add iina-plugin-definition


npm i iina-plugin-definition

Then add it to typeRoots in tsconfig.json:

"typeRoots": [

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